24 Suplexes

Years ago, I used to be a pro wrestler in the San Diego indie wrestling scene. These days I use what I learned from wrestling and incorporate it in my action films, stunt work, and fight choreography.

Inspired by my friend, Eric Jacobus of The Stunt People, and his 80 Kicks for Action Films video (http://youtu.be/yPUp_8zctxQ), I decided to make this video, showing as many suplexes I could think of and the ones that I can actually do.

Kutaragi’s Way

I had the huge honor of playing the younger version of the CREATOR of the PLAYSTATION game console, Ken Kutaragi, in this new video by Mega64 about the development of the Sony Playstation. Mr. Kutaragi also participated in the video by introducing it and also playing a role in it where I get violent with him. The video made it’s debut at the Game Developer’s Conference last week to great crowd reactions and Mr. Kutaragi was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award.