Battle Hero Absolute: Episode 14

The 14th episode of Battle Hero Absolute is up. Our biggest, most involved, and chaotic episode ever, it features special cameo appearances by Kamen Rider 2 himself, Mark Musashi (Kamen Rider: The First), Geek Crash Course’s Michael Nixon, and the voice of our show, Mike Dent. Thanks to Ty Mabrey from Bang Zoom Pow and Ramon Hulet for all of the vfx.

Destiny Fan Films

I’ve been playing a lot of Destiny lately. Since it’s release in September, there were many issues and exploits that made it’s way into video game infamy. So we decided to make some videos about these things.

Episode 1: Loot Cave

Episode 2: Inspect Player

The Finnisher Teaser

A Finnish investigator runs from trouble and into the arms of a sweet, but incompetent accomplice.

I recently went to Finland and met a recording artist, Jessica Wolff. We were lucky to have her come down and visit us during the 48 Hour Film Project. This is the movie we made. We’ll release it soon.

The trailer song is Trophy Girl, by Jessica Wolff. You can buy her album, Renegade, on iTunes.